Find Your Playground

Anywhere you can add fun and movement to your life, do it. Here are some ways to turn Recess breaks into convenient habits. These small lifestyle changes combine to produce magnificent benefits. 

Living Room

Wide open spaces for you. Lay a thick comfortable rug or even a carpeted gymnastic mat. Make it inviting to lay down and stretch. Imagine the swing set attached to the ceiling to open more space. The slide takes you down from the loft above (or you can take the ladder). All of these options keep you from sitting still on a couch.


Not into Ping Pong? Make your centerpiece a basketball hoop (away from breakables). Have an option for people to get up and move. Heavy bags are a great idea for stress relief (use a baseball bat on them). Sitting at work is okay as long as you take your 30 second breaks every 30 minutes. A standing desk option is a very good idea. 

A B@L (battle) Zone.png


This room looks bright however, I bet the forest gets dark at night. The exposed beams allow you to hang equipment like TRX straps. A bed on the floor makes you get up and down increasing your range of motion and calories burned. The fireplace creates ambiance. Leave the television in the living room. Less is more.